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Boycott Israel? – Watch First!

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Moses gets on Facebook

Christmas? A Scary Day of Mithras

Please upgrade your browser Scary Day of Mithras from Andrew Gabriel Roth

A Song to Delilah from Samson

Please upgrade your browser Hey There Delilah from Andrew Gabriel Roth

The Law Is Written On My Heart

I was in a chat room this week where scripture was being taught and someone came in saying we do not have to obey the law anymore. I decided to engage this person and inquire as to why. They responded that the Law is no longer written on stone tablets, but on his heart. I …

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There Were 2 Arks? Photographic Proof!


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The Government Can – Tim Hawkins

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Taylor Mason – Row Row Row Your Boat

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Tim Hawkins on Playground Mishaps

Taylor Mason and Paquito on Bananas Comedy Show

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