Great Palestinian Inventions and thier impact on humanity

Great Palestinian Inventions and thier impact on humanity

Instead of talking about the extremely long list of items that Israel has produced and invented which saturate our lives each and every day, we decided to do an exhaustive expose of all the great acomplishments and gifts to society by the Palestinians.....



Oh yeah...the Qussam Rocket

The advanced weapons were designed using recycling of useless items found in their environment, like ladders from playground slides and swingset supports and water filtration pipes and other useless junk that is waiting to be dismantled and repurposed into something that can really make a difference in the lives of their children. Rockets!!!

This great inventiin has a warhead filled with useless ball bearings that have no other beneficial purpose but to be used for the beneficial displacment of fellow human beings. And to avoid the horrific over use of sugar by the children of palestine, each rocket is propelled by a mixture of sugar and potassium nitrate which other cultures waste on growing food.

And we could go on and on about this great invention but lets move on shall we.





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