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June 2, 2011 Prophetic Word through Pastor Ricky Roberts

Victor here! Let me first tell you about Ricky Roberts…He was severely retarded as a child and through his Mother’s prayers was healed and now he has multiple doctorates in just about everything. He prophesied to me as I sat in his audience during one of his teachings…..he called me up again because he said I did not get the word…. he explained it further and every word came to pass exactly as he stated. Yahweh’s plan for the next few years of my live were outlined and if it was true it would have to be from Yah. Yahweh uses this humble servant and he has a strong personal relationship with Yah. Please read and take this message and trust that it is accurate.

Subject: prophetic word for America

June 2, 2011 Prophetic Word through Pastor Ricky Roberts

The Lord says:

Prepare I say, prepare. Prepare My children, prepare. This year is a terrible year if you have not Prepared: if you have not prepared in fasting and prayer, if you have not prepared for the enemies arise this year against America. The enemies arise next year against America but at the same time, I arise. I arise for America. Even now and even before, Michael is standing up for Israel. Prepare for war. Prepare for trouble. Prepare for terrorists to attack America again. Prepare for cities to be hit again. Prepare for terrorists to come even into churches. I can stop this. I, saith The Holy One of Israel, can stop this. My churches need to be protected and they need to be prayed over. There needs to be safety and there needs to be stability.

My people need to be steady and vigilant. The terrorists right now are Planning to attack several cities, several churches and several buildings. They are planning to attack through various means including nuclear means and dirty bombs. Prepare yourself. Some of this can and will be stopped. Some of it will not be stopped, for I must judge this nation, but I can and I will protect My people if they will listen. The cities of Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans, San Francisco and several other cities shall be hit. Prepare yourself and you will not be overwhelmed. My people even in these cities will be protected if they will listen to Me.

I am Telling you, it is coming and there is nothing you can do but petition Me for your own protection. New Orleans shall be hit. Other natural disasters will come upon this land but it shall not be to destroy America, it shall be to change America. I shall do it, not man. I shall do it, not prayers. Protect yourselves. Have extra food on hand. Protect yourselves. Have money on hand. The terrorists are ready to strike for they see that America is weak. Where there is weakness as pertaining to morality, there is also weakness of will. Cities shall be hit. They’re preparing right now. 9/11/01 will not be seen as the greatest terrorist attack that has ever been upon this land – these others shall be seen. Some of these shall happen all in the same day and the same time. If you will listen to Me, you will be protected.

You stand upon Me, you listen to Me and you shall be protected. Nuclear weapons may be used, dirty bombs will be used. Also, other means shall be used to attack America.

Traditional methods will be used. Gas shall be used and other means shall be used to attack America and the only thing that is holding this back is Me. I am pulling back. Some of this will happen. How much will happen will depend upon My church and her repentance. Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself for gas. Prepare yourself for biological weapons. Prepare yourself. Your strength and your protection does not rely upon a mask or upon a pill, it relies upon Me. Prepare yourself.

I have not called My people to be fearful. I am warning them that many cities will be hit and even dams will be attacked. My people forget what happened in World War 2 where the Nazis had submarines off the coast of Florida. They forget how much sabotage was going on. It was a terrible time to live in America: You didn’t know your friends from your foes. I am calling My church (in America) back to her first love (3 times). That will save America. A Great Awakening will save America. Prepare yourself and watch yourself for they will hit and they will attack through airplanes, through various means, through suicide bombs. Its happening and its coming. They’ve already prepared for it and they’ve already set all things in motion and it will take place because they will light the match and light the bomb. They will use these weapons. Some of this must take place. Most of it will and can be postponed, delayed or stopped. It is up to My people alone.

Those who will stand with Me, stand. Those who will not stand with Me, go to the left. It is your decision. I shall protect those who are really of Me. Go back and study history and you will find that there were many types of terrorism that occurred in America before 1911. I am your only hope. Most of this will not have to be done if My church will come back to Me, saith the Lord.


  1. Please do your research on Ricky Roberts. It does not appear that he keeps shabbot or any other commndments. It may be true that he was healed and he can do healings. However, read Deut. 12:1-4 and see what YHVH has to say about it.

  2. Thanks Greg. I agree that Ricky is not where you and I are at. I must say that he has full understanding based on his eyes still being partially blinded. I have never heard him teach against Yah or his feasts. I knew Yah before I knew His name. I was in the church when Yah found me, loved me, walked me 25 years later into His truth. So can I say that the partially blinded are to be damned to hell???? Of course not, Yah has not opened their eyes yet! When Yah opens their eyes like He did yours and mine, they will have to choose and only Yah will know if they have or not. I do not negate what you are saying about Duet. Heaven Forbid! I believe that Yah is just starting to open eyes and I recognize that I am not worthy of the privilege to see and because of that I try to have much patience with those Yah has not revealed truth to yet.

    I have absolutely zero doubt that Ricky will move toward the truth when he is shown the truth by Yahweh….ZERO! I say that because I know Ricky loves Yah more than both of us combined. He just has his eyes blinded like you and I did before Yah opened them. I always loved Yah, but I knew nothing of His commandments before He revealed the truth to me years later.

    Why did He not just say to me 25 years ago?? Nice to meet you Victor, stop calling me Jesus and keeping pagan feasts! Instead He had His perfect time to draw me toward deeper truth. Remember He is the ones who blinded all of us. Now when someone who has had their eyes opened starts to say, do not keep the feasts, shabbat etc etc. I stop listening! And when someone who is blinded makes that their focus, I stop listening too. I do not think Ricky is there.

    Now another thing is this word may be way off. Here is one thing I can say though…..he is calling for repentance and intercession. hasatan does not want us doing that.

    Now it could just be Ricky’s flesh, but I can say this for sure!!! If we do humble ourselves and pray for the Bride, we can not sin in this matter!

  3. Praise Adonai

  4. Test the spirits… Is all I’m going to say.

  5. Victor thanks for posting this . Whether this is all true I can say I know something i s coming BIG TIME, youd have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see and sense it .

  6. I am sorry but I can not believe that Yahweh is going to protect America because of what this country is doing to Israel.

  7. The Country..NO! His bride….of course He will protect her!

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