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Bereshit Newpaper

Educational Hebrew newspapers make learning Hebrew fun for students of all agesThousands students in schools in many countries around the world already use the newspapers Bereshit and Yanshuf (published twice monthly) as learning aids.   What makes these newspapers so appealing to Hebrew teachers and students world wide?

Pedagogical basis:
Both newspapers conform to the same general principals: First: if the reading material is interesting, the reader will pay attention and learn the language! Second: good learning materials can be constructed on any textual basis!
Bereshit and Yanshuf magazines both contain interesting news and current affairs from Israel in Hebrew! This material is naturally interesting for all readers. To understand these articles the reader must understand Modern Hebrew usage.  The student improves his grasp of Hebrew grammar and vocabulary through use of the learning tools on the sides and bottom of each page.  The student can also improve his verbal Hebrew comprehension by using the audio CD provided with each issue.  On the CD, each articles read slowly and clearly, by a native Hebrew speaker.  The combination of reading, Hebrew exercises and the spoken word is the most effective pattern for language acquisition.
What do they Offer?
The Bereshit newspaper (which means literally “from the beginning”) is the best way to begin studying Hebrew. Yanshuf means “owl”! In proverb, this bird is the wisest of all.  This newspaper is the ideal publication to bring the intermediate Hebrew student to the next level!

Learn Hebrew newspapers

Yanshuf Newspaper

Both are published twice a month, throughout the academic year. The papers include topics guaranteed to interest readers of all age. Yanshuf & Bereshit appeal to children as well as adults!  Topics reported include current events in sports, science, movies, culture, computers from Israel, and around the world.  Crossword puzzles, quizzes, and other activities provide additional learning opportunities.
Like all language study, repetition is essential to acquire proficiency. Fun And innovate, Yanshuf and Bereshit provide multiple opportunities to practice the language intuitively.  Each issue is composed of three levels, allowing the student to gauge his personal Hebrew advancement.  These publications use a full vocabulary of more than 2000 words, which occur in the paper no less then twice a year. This gives the readers many opportunities to improve their Hebrew.

Behind the Scenes:
Bereshit (beginners’ level) and Yanshuf (intermediate level) have been recognized for excellence by Israel’s Ministry of Education and the Jewish Agency.  Articles are written both by educators, as well as professional journalists.  This combination keeps the material lively and interesting, while never short changing educational values. Subjects are always suited to a variety reader skill levels, and provide innovative learning materials.
Who will benefit from this innovative teaching material?
You! as the Hebrew teacher or student Whoever wherever you are:  If you are responsible for Hebrew education for a day school, start the school year with this unique tool to help your students learn Hebrew.

Multiple subscriptions to Bereshit or Yanshuf, whichever is suited to their level are now available at special academic discounts.  Both your students and their parents will appreciate your efforts and acumen in advancing Hebrew study in your institution.  In adult Hebrew education, these publications introduce your students to Israel while teaching Modern Hebrew. If you study Hebrew on your own, a subscription is a teaching tool proven to advance the study of Hebrew in a unique and interesting way.

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