Ever Wanted To Read From The Actual Hebrew?

Ever Wanted To Read From The Actual Hebrew?

hebrew-bibleHow would you like to be the person who can actually read straight from the Hebrew? Joseph Good of Jerusalem Temple Study recently asked me if I would like to learn Hebrew .... correction .... READ Hebrew with him each week! I said that I have taken some lessons over the years and never got too far. Joe said that there is a very easy way where you actually learn to Read it without worrying about what the words mean. The result is that you find that you quickly learn to read it right from the text. You also find that learning what the words mean will come very easily too. I said how does that happen? joseph-good-victor-schultzWe will be reading the Torah Portions in Hebrew! It then clicked...of course! That would be so easy and connecting the meanings of the words would be almost natural.

Well I really appreciated his offer to coach me one-on-one each week, but I then had one of my great ideas! I said Joe, what if we recorded you and make it so hundreds or even thousands could learn it? He said it was a dream of his, so we decided to put together a Hebrew Roots Yeshiva where you can take the course online at your own pace. He is so excited and so am I.

We then decided to ask Dinah Dye to join us and do all the prayers, blessings and liturgy too. Now you can flow right along in any synagogue service worldwide!

PLUS: When you join HebrewRootsYeshiva.com you will get free Gold Level access to Joe's website, Dinah's website and this website if you are not a member already. =)

Come join us!



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