Exodus: Gods and Kings – REVIEW

Exodus: Gods and Kings – REVIEW

noahWith the horror and utter disappointment of the Noah movie still resonating in my mind I was excitedly thinking about this movie as it was about something I hope for...."The Greater Exodus".

I remember thinking..."How bad could they mess it up"...."All they have to do is stick to the narrative and work in the cool 3D special effects and I will come away with stronger resolve to be ready for the regathering of the exiles that is "our hope".

It starts out great! The Pharaoh character is realistic and the greatness of the kingdom he is building is putting me in touch with the story. "This will not be too bad after all" I am thinking. I meet the Moshe character and he is not humble at all. I think well, he will return to Egypt humble and in proper character after leaving and spending time with Yah.

He does go and saves the girl and marries her and starts shepherding. Still not too bad and I start to think it is going to be a good movie. But the turning point was the burning bush scene in which God shows up as a spoiled manipulative kid who seems to tell Moshe to go free the people in some kind of dark coded message. Scripture reference is now over as Moshe is going to "fight" to free and the kid god has to intervene and personally starts all the plagues as Moshe sits back and merely watches "How it is done" from a distance.

A not so humble... Moses

The plagues are really more of a series of natural events which build on another. Instead of a rod in the water, crocs just get on a feeding frenzy which bloody up the river. Where is Moshe? Off planning the civil war or revolt to defeat the army of pharaoh. I had read earlier that day where YHVH had stated that Moshe was the most humble man "ever" and in the movie I see a character who yells at the child god defiantly "Are you trying to Humble me?". Exactly opposite of the man I read in scripture...sigh.

I would place the Noah movie at a 1 on a 10 scale for a biblical attempt at accuracy, and this movie a 2 or 3 on a 10 scale.

Special effects? Very cool and choosing to watch in 3D was cool but an expensive decision. the visual aspect was excellent. I am going to have to say the same thing here that I said about Noah.

  • IT IS FICTION! If you want to see a Hollywood fictional thriller story with special effects this will fit the bill.
  • If you want to be inspired, this movie will leave you angry and disappointed instead!
  • Wait the couple of weeks it will take for the movie to fail at the box office and rent it at red box or netflix in the near future if you "just gotta" watch it.

Bottom Line?




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