New Roku Channels are AWESOME!

New Roku Channels are AWESOME!

If you do not have a roku are missing out on probably the most complete work of Hebraic video teachings! Try over 1900 videos from dozens of different teachers on your living room TV. Don't have a roku? Spend about 50-120 bucks, depending on the model at Walmart and you can get the free channels and watch 24/7 with no further cost! All you need is fast internet. It works for me and my internet speed is pretty slow. I get about 4 Mbps download speed.

Oh and guess what...the channel is free!

Warning - If your internet is on satellite and you have "limits", then DO NOT get a Roku, you will use up your whole months bandwidth in about 2 hours. Also, if you have very slow internet...512 kbps is very slow. I would suggest that you have at least 1.5 Mbps along with unlimited download limits before doing this. Info on the roku devices at the bottom of this post.

Tip - The channels are currently private, which means you will not find them by searching Roku.....yet. We have submitted them for review to Roku. So you have to use the private links Roku provided us for you below. UPDATE: After just 3 days, TorahTeachers is now public! Just search for the word "Torah" in the roku channel search and it will pop right up!

Oh...did I fail to mention that we also did a Hebraic Music channel that is "all video"? huh....I did...okay....ready?...."We also built the best Hebraic Music channel too". It is like MTV but has all of stuff in it. It is also free for all of you! Maybe I should call it HMTV...

Here are the 2 links to set up the 2 channels. You will have to "log-in" to your Roku account online to add them to your device as these are still private channels. After you "add" them to your Roku account, just reboot your Roku (unplug it and re-power it back up) and then you will see it in the list of channels. It is up "one level" in your list of channels. - you can now find this channel directly on roku. Just do a channel search! Rico's channel for his Members. Awesome too!

Tell me what you think after you check it out. Comment below! and feel free to share this page on facebook!


Tip - Highlight the channel and before selecting it, press the *button on your remote, then you can move it to a more easy to find location on your Home screen.

Which Roku do you need? I have both a "Stick" and the model 3. But you may need a different one...


Roku 1 - is for older tv sets that do NOT have a HDMI slot.

Roku Stick - is affordable and I have mine on a large wall-mounted tv which is perfect if your hdmi slots are not pointing toward the wall, but instead are perpendicular to the wall. I noticed that the stick is a few inches long and if the port were toward the wall as many are, it would not have worked. If you have the room, it is great! You do not see it in any promo pics, but it also has a cord to plug it to the power source. Mine works great with our wifi.

Roku 2 - basic model and if you have HDMI or your slot lacks at least 4 inches of space where it is pointing, is all you need.

Roku 3 - not sure what extra bells might be, but it does have an earphone jack and earphones in the remote if you want to listen privately or someone is sleeping. Check all the specs here.

Roku 4 - If your internet is blazing fast...must be nice...and the 100 inch UHD tv in your home theatre likes extreme resolution, then you may want to get this model. It is overkill for everything we are streaming on the torah teachers or the music channels. But if you are into looking at the pores on a person's face in great detail then you need therapy....uh....I mean, the model 4. =)



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