Parochet (curtains) of Beit hamikdash

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Orna Hershberg is doing something very special here on Itamar -There are lots of very interesting people and artists that live here- make sure you ask for them when you come on our tour – Here is a short summary she wrote about herself. P60623-132759

My name is Orna Hershberg.פרוכת

I live in itamar, on the mountain watching Yosef’s grave.

My hobby became my profession. Since I was a child I always was thinking on the Beit hamikdash – the Temple.

And lately I started to research the parochet (curtains) of Beit hamikdash. There is a lot to research, because 3000 years we We WERE in galut and we forgot how to do it. The only knowledge we have is the Torah and our wise men wrote about it in the Mishna and the gmara etc.

There are a few important motives in the parochet : the size’ the colors, the kind of yarn. How the yarn is built’ the width and there is a picture on it or not(maase hoshev or maase rokem)

On the pictures you can see 5×5 m parochet that it similar to the mishcan size. And the pictures are cruvim

see the pictures of me at work at my studio in Itamar- you can also come to see the work I do here.

You can contact me. My email
My  phone number 0503337385

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