Sharing a Facebook Page For Likes

This works in Chrome Browsers only, but will invite ALL your friends to like an event or fan page with a few mouse clicks.

Also FB keeps count and will eventually give you a warning for going "too" fast. When you see their warning...cancel the current invite or they will temporarily suspend your ability to send invites.

First you will need to open your Chrome Browser or download it here if you do not have it installed.

Then we are going to add-in a browser App called "Facebook Invite All". Click here to install the App.

Here is what it looks like on the search results screen. Click on the blue + ADD TO CHROME Button to install it. This button is green as I already have it installed.

After it is installed and you close and reopen Chrome, you will see a checkmark in the top right section of your browser bar which is the tool you will use.


Simply visit ANY Facebook Event, Fan Page etc and when you click the Invite Friends to like this page a popup screen appears where you can search all your friends and invite them to like the page.


INSTEAD of manually going thru the long just click the small checkmark in the browser bar and the tool takes over.


IMPORTANT...When you have a large list of friends hundreds or thousands, it will really start to use your computer's resources and you will likely see a warning that looks like the image below. You can safely ignore it and the tool will keep working in a few seconds and will go away and probably come back every couple minutes. Just ignore it and do something else until it completely finishes!!!


VERY IMPORTANT!!! When you see the "Done" screen it means that all your friends are now selected. The invite has not been sent yet!!!

Click the White "Close button" and then click the Blue "Send Invites" button. The button will then fade almost to white...when it comes back, you are done!


Now that you know how to do this, please visit my Torah Teachers Fan Page here to invite all your friends as a thank you for the tutorial....Shalom!

FACEBOOK will sometimes alert you that you are sending out too many invites for the day. Just stop and try again in the next day or two.

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