Teacher Highlight:

Diana Dye ( was raised in a Conservative Jewish home in Ottawa, Canada where she attended Hebrew school and celebrated the festivals with her family.  After becoming a believer she immediately recognized the importance of connecting the Gospels and Epistles to their foundations in the Torah.  That understanding led to the creation of her website, Foundations in Torah.  Diana holds a DMIN in Hebraic Studies in Christianity and has been teaching and studying the Hebraic nature of the Scriptures for over 35 years.

Diana works with a variety of other ministries all dedicated to uncovering the Hebraic backdrop of the Scriptures.  She teaches on the internet channel, which is a part of the ministry of Bibleinteract.  She also has a regular weekly program on God’s Learning channel.  In addition, Diana can be seen weekly on the Hebraic Roots Network and on Hebrew Nation TV.   She is also a frequent guest on the Son Broadcasting Network in New Mexico.

Her real passion is to help believers learn to study and research the Hebraic nature of the Scriptures.   She is currently creating a study program called, “Study to Show Yourself Approved”, for those who want to dig deeper.  It will only be available on her website Foundations in Torah.