About Us


Hello, My name is Victor. I started Torah Teachers to develop a website to share Video and Audio Teachings from Torah Teachers. Studying the Torah has changed my life and opened my eyes to the Truth. I originally had this website set up as a you-tube like site and actually hosted the videos and audios right here on my server. Well guess what....You liked it!

How do I know this? Well in just a few short months, the traffic on torahteachers.com grew about 10 times and crashed the server and ran way over my allotment of bandwidth. WOW. My server is pushing over 900 gigs of torah teachings a month...Praise Yahweh! Unfortunately, it's expensive. I've called many "unlimited bandwidth" hosting plans to see if they could take the site and found out that their definition of "unlimited" does not actually mean unlimited... Hmm, No Comment!

So I decided to totally redo the site. The difference is that all videos are hosted on video sites like you-tube and others. You-tube will only allow 10 minute videos so we are trying others. Some play commercials before the video plays and the commercials are not suitable. Others are cleaner, but have space restrictions. Yahoo Video can take files up to 150 megs. Not bad, but it means slicing up the teachings into part 1 and 2 etc. The good news is that multi-part teachings can now be on the same page. When one ends, scroll down 3 inches to part 2 etc. etc.

The site has grown to include some teachers that I may have not of actually heard before, so if you hear or see anything problematic, please let me know and not bother one of the teachers on this site so I can be aware of any problems with doctrine or lifestyle objections. If I fail to act, then by all means report to who you wish, but I should be able to have the chance to address it first and the bible instructs you to come to me about it first. Thank you.

If you have any ideas that will help us improve, please let us know.